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A 12-year-old girl was evaluated due to a 6-month history of abdominal pain. Screening blood work was remarkable for an elevated tissue transglutaminase IgA level. Endoscopy was pursued and a raised, non-bleeding, white-yellowish, single nodule was incidentally found in the gastric antrum (A). Pathologic examination demonstrated a collection of cells with clear to vacuolated cytoplasm within lamina propria (B). The clear cells were positive for CD68 (histiocyte marker) immunostain (C), whereas negative for AE1/AE3 cytokeratin (epithelial marker) immunostain (D).

The endoscopic and histopathologic findings are most likely consistent with what?

    A) Pancreatic rest
    B) Neuroendocrine tumor
    C) Hyperplastic polyp
    D) Gastric xanthoma

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