APPSPGHAN survey: Transitioning Youth with Chronic GI and Liver Disease: Perspectives of Paediatrician

Invitation to participate in an APPSPGHAN survey: 

"Transitioning Youth with Chronic GI and Liver Disease: Perspectives of Paediatricians” 

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

We would like to invite you to participate in the above study. 


The study team is conducting this survey to better understand your view as a Paediatric GI specialist (GI refers to both “gastrointestinal and liver”, and not just luminal) on transition care.


This information would inform the planning of transition programs and how best we can modify or tailor existing recommendations and practice from the West, to suit local culture and practice in Asia. Ultimately, this would benefit future generations of adolescent patients with chronic disease who would need transition care. 


By completing the survey, you are giving the study team implied consent to use the data collected in this survey for research. You may choose not to answer any question if you are uncomfortable with it. The information you provide is anonymous and we will not be able to track your identity in any way.


The survey would take about 15-20 minutes to complete. We look forward to improving transition care delivery for our patients in the region! 

(please see attached for the list of GI subcommittee members contributing to this work)


The link to the survey is (you may need to copy and paste this link to your web browser):


With best regards

Marion Aw

on behalf of the APPSPGHAN GI Subcommittee


APPSPGHAN-survey [File size: 133.09 KB]

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