The cost for new membership application is USD 120 for two (2) years.

For the renewal of the non-expired membership, the cost is USD 100 for two (2) years.
Note that:

  • If the membership has lapsed for less than one (1) year,the renewal fee will be USD 120 for 2 years.
  • The renewal date will be counted from the expiry date (Indochina time, UTC+07.00), regardless of the date of payment.
  • If the membership has lapsed for one (1) year or longer, reapplication will be required by resending of the appropriate document. (Copy of completion of training or certification from the training institution OR letter of recommendation from the President of the local pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition society ORany one of the APPSPGHAN Council member).

Drag the file or click here to upload the file.

Only jpg/jpeg/png/gif/pdf files are allowed. File size is limited to 3 MB.

Drag the file or click here to upload the file.

Only files (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, gif), file size not over 3 MB.

All * signs are required filed.

The applicant must pay the membership fee and send the proof of payment via the registration system before 10 December 2020 in order to get the discount rate for registration in WCPGHAN 2021.

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