FISPGHAN Award for disseminating video clip-based information on treating children with acute gastroenteritis

Acute infectious gastroenteritis continues to be a major cause of largely preventable child morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Treatment following current, evidence-based guidelines leads to markedly improved outcome of affected children, less hospital admissions, and less deaths, but it is often not applied in practice. Therefore, the Federation of International Societies for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (FISGHAN) has supported the development and dissemination of educational video clips that share information on current standards of treating acute gastroenteritis (available on

FISPGHAN is interested in having this video-based information shared with both health care professionals and families as widely as possible. Therefore, FISPGHAN offers up to two Awards funded with up to 5000 US-Dollars each for innovative proposals and their implementation that will effectively enhance the visibility and usage of the available video clips.

Groups of collaborating individuals are particularly encouraged to apply, but also individuals may apply for this award. A written proposal not exceeding four pages is requested which should include a description of the applicant(s) and experience or preceding work relevant to the application, an informative workplan, a timetable and a budget proposal.

Applications should be submitted to the FISPGHAN office by e-mail ( no later than by 31 Dec. 2019. Applications will be reviewed and selected by members of the FISPGHAN council. We intend to complete the selection process by 15 February 2020.


Berthold Koletzko, Professor of Paediatrics
FISPGHAN President

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