APPSPGHAN Council (October 2022 to September 2024)

Country Representatives
Australia Dr. Geoffrey Cleghorn
Hong Kong Dr. Rosanna Ming Sum Wong
India Dr. Anupam Sibal
Indonesia Dr. Andy Darma
Japan Dr. Katsuhiro Arai
Japan Dr. Ayano Inui
Korea Dr. Kyung Mo Kim
Korea Dr. Jae-Sung Ko
Malaysia Dr. Christopher Boey
Malaysia Dr. Way Seah Lee
Pakistan Dr. Huma Arshad Cheema
Pakistan Dr. Iqbal Memon
Philippines Dr. Juliet Sio Aguilar
Singapore Dr. Seng Hock Quak
Sri Lanka Dr. Shaman  Rajindrajith
Taiwan Dr. Huey-Ling Chen
Taiwan Dr. Yen-Hsuan Ni
Thailand Dr. Suporn Treepongkaruna
Thailand Dr. BoosbaVivatvakin
Vietnam Dr. Nguyen Thi Viet Ha

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